Poem For Dave Church

I walk about the apartment
Tripping through the garden of my mind
Wandering through a luscious vertical hibernation
Beneath the quiet sheen of one light bulb
And the shadowed glow from the bedroom window
With Van Morrison and Dylan cranked beyond the
Tinnitus shaking the dust from my memory bank
I see you slumped over the steering wheel of the
Taxi cab you drove all those long years
Poet warrior who recorded my “13” jazz poems
Making the poems come alive
As no other poet could
Brought back to reality by a flock of  birds
Who circle the dark clouds outside
That threaten to burst into tears
Gone but not forgotten
jazz in your heart poetry in your soul
Your words exploding like artillery fire
Shattering the quiet of dawn

poets are like butterflies
inhabiting temporary space
tasting the pollen of life
spreading their wings
reshaping the stars the universe
cosmic matter waiting to be reborn

— A.D. Winans

8 Responses to “Poem For Dave Church”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    An absolutely stellar piece about a great poet.

  2. Great start, I see things are getting going here!

    Great poem.

  3. Good one, Al. A+ tribute.

  4. Poets are like betterflies!

  5. Beautiful! One of my favorite poets. A great start for sure.

  6. glad you enjoyed the poem. Every year the SF Library has a tribute, Poet’s Remembered, which this year is 1/31/09 for poets and writers who passed away in 2008. I will be paying tribute to my old friend, Dave Church. Main Library. Begins 1 pm.

  7. Good stuff. Got any poems to share about work and the work experience? Collecting until the end of the month (July 2009). Labor Day release.

  8. a.d. winans Says:

    just saw your comment. yeah, I have a lot of poems about work, but too late to submit. good luck with your project.

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