I think of the devil more often than angels. Sometimes it’s
easier that way, to walk with monsters, to laugh while the
girl on fire dances, because she is not hurt by the flames.
They’re what keeps her alive, and I enter into her ring of
fire like a mad dog jumping through a flaming hoop to take
the whip from her hands …

I bite her throat and hold on; I can feel her, sense her
spirit in there, burning me as I push down on her palms.
I am not immune to hellfire, but it is this pain that speaks
to me, tells me I am alive, a beast of the first origin …

I pick up all the books of poetry littering my lab and
throw them into her fireplace, academic and alternative
presses blazing together, Wordsworth and Bukowski, the
insanity of broken prose and overblown sensitivity burning
brighter together than the words alone, the words that
never held the magic to heal the beat dog inside.

Her neck wound heals as it always does. She’s alive,
eternal, blazing brightly, and it is a good fire.

— Bradley Mason Hamlin

6 Responses to “WEREWOLF in SACRAMENTO”

  1. Bradley Mason Hamlin was born and raised in Los Angeles, educated at the University of California at Davis, and currently lives in Sacramento with his beautiful wife and crazy children. His short stories, articles, and poems have appeared in many independent press books, magazines, and literary journals in print and online. Hamlin created Mystery Island Publications and writes the various Secret Society projects located @: http://www.mysteryisland.net

  2. Fire is so much better than solid ice. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate what really matters. As usual.

  3. Amazing Poem. Very powerful ending, too. Another excellent poet!

  4. I keep reading your work everywhere! I typed your name into google and found so many fantastic works. I can’t believe how talented you are. This isn’t even some lame poem or anything (no offense). It’s a short story that makes me really think about life. You write like I have sex, super hot and understanding of all the right moves.

  5. Thanks, girls. Don’t forget to send me all your money.

  6. youre amazing.

    p.s. slavey says hi.

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