Meiosis by MK Chavez


This is the second date. I’m thinking
of the dictionary and fellatio
and the fact that not much further down
on the page you find the word fellow
and this doesn’t mean much, but fellatio
and fellow don’t always go together.

I study his face, looking for some sort
of Geronimo in him, if only
he was a constellation of man,
someone to be counted on to do
something, but I’ve put him under
the microscope—

This is quite the expedition
we’re swimming here, small talk like
air bubbles. The walls of the restaurant
are periwinkle. I want to lean over
and say please don’t speak, I just so,
want a chance to undulate.

This date feels like a cell. I become
a spore, could sink. The intervals
of my breath float, midair, like pigeons,
the birds that people hate. He laughs
says things like “pussy

Note: Interesting. He took to cats
after he watched one kill a bird, its bloody
muzzle is called charming. I pretend to laugh
sounds like a cackle, “Isn’t it funny,” he says.
He named the kitty “Killer.”

11 Responses to “Meiosis by MK Chavez”

  1. MK Chavez writes about the beauty that can be found in ugliness. She is co-host of Acker’s Dangerous Daughters, a San Francisco reading series of Cherry Bleeds Literary Journal. Chavez has three chapbooks Virgin Eyes, (Zeitgeist Press) and Visitation, and Next Exit #9 with john sweet (Kendra Special Editions.) You can find out about her up coming publications at

  2. A poem like a scalpel!

  3. Cats and birds. A date like a cell. I like this one.

  4. cassandra Dallett Says:

    Yeah! I love it. It’s the best date poem ever and I’m so excited to see it here. Your biggest fan and I do mean biggest!

  5. Not cats and birds, but life and death. Well done.

  6. Fantastic! I found you thru Scot aka Midwest Poet. Love your work. Very happy to ‘discover you.’

  7. MK,

    I like the way the poem goes inward, towards the feelings of the speaker, really deep, and is very outwardly descriptive too.

    It is like a microsope, yet you get the sense of hurt, of disappointment.

    Nice work.

  8. Joyce Goodlatte Says:

    Ah those second dates!
    The humor in this piece is wonderful – wanting Geronimo and finding a man who loves for a cat comes from blood on its muzzle.
    Her examination of the mind at work – pondering fellow and fellatio, placing bits of evidence under examination, making notes – compelling
    And then the range of imagery from the cellular, or subcellular to ‘constellation of man’ again captures the moment by moment workings of a mind, and more; the yearning to leave words behind and undulate in water – what vibrant imagery!

  9. […] for reading—and newest poetry is up on Rusty Truck (Scot Young’s new online literary […]

  10. Aw! You capture the dark humor and oddities of dating. Eugh! Wonderful. Thank you.

  11. i love black humor; the inkier the blotter, err i mean better!
    Her pome is analogous to A STORY OF SIX STRUNG OUT WORDS 😉

    Meticulous asshole punching everything together; poifect!

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