Searching for Joan of Ark in Front of Safeway …by Christopher Robin

didn’t I take you to buy white candles
and salt when the evil spirits
were getting into your
underwear drawer
and moving your paintings around?
when the apartment became possessed
you left your beloved cat, Romeo, behind
and disappeared-
I didn’t see you for two years
my oldest friend, the witch
who always told the story
of meeting me for the first time
under the San Carlos Street bridge
nearly twenty years ago
roasting potatoes under an overturned shopping cart-
you were working as a chef at a high class hotel-
now I see you head low, hair matted
a sunburned face outside of Safeway
I hug you
I kiss your head
you offer me a handful of white pills
no thanks, I say
do you want to go back on lithium?
well, they are shooting lasers into my teeth see?
there’s a chip
its Revelations you know
I know
it’s all in the bible
I know
I will take you to the hospital right now
and then I will feed you and give you a shower…
feel that
my belly she says
it’s metal
where they tore out my insides
and see my teeth
those are microchips
see that TV across the street
if you go over there
I’m on it

7 Responses to “Searching for Joan of Ark in Front of Safeway …by Christopher Robin”

  1. CHARLES P. RIES Says:

    Christopher Robin is one of best poets writing today.

  2. Gosh what a wonderful piece / Love it.

  3. Eugenia Petty Says:

    I love you Christopher Robin.

  4. LynnAlexander Says:

    Great poem, and Christopher is s fine addition to the growing line up here at RT.

  5. I braved the wilds of MS Word for this man. I’d do it again.

  6. Christopher, your voice moves me like a walk through a fun house with mirrors reflecting those places I’ve seen but haven’t the perspective yet to write about.

    If you didn’t write, I’d need a brain tumor to figure it all out.

    I’m glad for your poetry.

    – –
    Father Luke

  7. this is a fine poem. chris. also, i’m not dead.

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