Jack… by Carter Monroe

The sway is but a mere happenstance
when the line swaggers.
The thought is so far in the distance
that to notice it would be a lie.
The hands are tied,
but not in bondage,
as you wait for the transmission
to transcribe.

A drink, yes, another drink
and the voices gain clarity
when the soul comes alive.
Is it code
or just a mass of words
needing no organization
or interpretation?

Is there muse in the mix
or just the rap of indulgence
countering the desire to punch
into the formality of “should.”

When the final breath
has led you to sleep,
do you remember?
That is the question.

“Do you remember?”

4 Responses to “Jack… by Carter Monroe”

  1. Carter Monroe lives and writes in the Provinces of Eastern North Carolina. His latest book is The New Lost Blues – Selected Poems 1999 – 2005 (Thunder Sandwich Press 2005.) Recent poems have appeared in The Wild Goose Poetry Review and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. New poems will appear in The Pudding House Gang Anthology scheduled for release later this year.

  2. A great poem from my favorite living poet. Scot, good work getting Carter Monroe here.

  3. Fantastic to see Carter in print again. I love this poem. Carter, you’re a master at the form.

  4. Carter knocks me down and calls me “shorty.”

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