that time…by Todd Moore

you stood
there when al
capone got
off the train
& slapped
a silver
dollar into
yr hand you
looked into
his face
right yeah
my old man
sd what did
you see
nothing my
old man sd
what did you
see my old
man licked
a roll yr own
shut lit up
& sd a scar
but what
really got me
yeah i sd
was the smile
it was thick
& dark &
packed w/

4 Responses to “that time…by Todd Moore”

  1. …a meaty Al Capone smile…why don’t history books describe him this way?
    a great gristly poem! just the way i like them.

  2. Todd Moore has had more than
    a hundred books and chapbooks
    published. Lummox Press has just
    published The Riddle of the Wooden
    Gun which is one of the key sections
    of his long poem DILLINGER.

  3. Packed w/meat…just like this poem. I stand in the presence of greatness here and am in awe. Excellent.

  4. Excellent piece of work, such beautiful prose.

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