Maple Leaves…by Crystal Folz

Her hair fell like maple leaves in autumn when she released the clip. It brushed across the arm of the young man sitting next to her. He forgot the brass band and the place he had gone to behind closed eyes, and turned to her.

She didn’t know why it worked. A rehearsed glance or a soft hip jutted while standing at the bar, and the room owed her attention. She parted her lips; a nervous stammer sat on her tongue.

The piano lulled the saxophonist. The man in rolled up sleeves led the girl with tattoos onto the dance floor. He slid his hand under her waist length hair and pressed his thumb into the small of her back.

The music and the weight of his arm resting on her hip summoned the memory of a Louisiana bar, and dancing tippy toe on a wood plank porch in the arms of a man whose name she wished she’d left on a napkin at the bar.

6 Responses to “Maple Leaves…by Crystal Folz”

  1. Crystal lives in rural Indiana with her husband and two children. She has been published in Lit Up Magazine, dogzplot, Glossolalia Flash, Gloom Cupboard, Outsider Writers, The Legendary, Six Sentences, and coming soon in Yellow Mama. Crys is the editor for Shoots and Vines zine. She skate for the Roller Girls of Southern Indiana as Velveteen Rabid. See more of her work, clean and unclean, at

  2. Crystal also sports ink thats as cool as her lines! Nice.

  3. And Crystal rocks my world. Awesome work. Beautiful writing.

  4. Provocative. You set the scene with no wasted space.

    I linked to you last week, then found you again via Julie.

  5. Len Kuntz Says:

    love this. the first sentence is illuminating. the weight and texture are pitch perfect. well done.


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