THE LAST WORD…by Joie Cook (day 3)

What was it that we said at the end of our run?
Do you remember?
Were we wolves in the night howling at each other?
Were we running deer mating in an Appalachian forest?
Were we cats?  dogs?
Did we bark, meow?
What did we say?
I can’t remember our last words.
Were they final?
Like, OK, this is THE END.  GO AWAY NOW.
Was it something like that?
Or something we read?  Smelled?
Did we use words?
Was it something we said in a moment of duress?
Were we clothed or undressed?
Were we drinking?
Closed in by the fog
In some dank corner
Of the sky?
I can’t remember our last words.
And I’ll never stop wishing I could.

Joie Cook
December 8, 2008
San Francisco, CA

5 Responses to “THE LAST WORD…by Joie Cook (day 3)”

  1. Beautiful. I love the questions without answers. Lines like these sing:

    “Closed in by the fog
    In some dank corner
    Of the sky?”

    Great poem.

  2. Very, very nice! I’m glad to find this site.

  3. Dave Picariello Says:

    Smashingly truthful in it’s honest portrayal of love gone awry….the only answers to questions such as these are found imprinted on one’s imagination after having lived through turbulance of this kind in the nature of the Norse Gods and their companion Goddesses….great poem Joie!!!

  4. wow. captivating piece.

  5. Vince Storti Says:

    It’s a great thing that Dave has kept the memory of her being alive. I just received a note from him January 2016 and it brought me to look at this posting and the wonderful poem that Joie created for us to sustain our courage in the light of what might impend.

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