Without The Wild Side of Creation, The Fire Goes Flat…by Julie Buffaloe-Yoder

For Art Coelho
Mentor, friend
The title, his words

You taught me how
to poke it, stoke it
pour whiskey on it
keep it roaring hot.
It ain’t pretty, slick,
or academic; it learns
lessons from crickets,
coyotes howling
by bedrolls, hoboes,
coal trains in the night.
Pork and beans
around a ring
sticks ticking
hissing bark
nails shooting
popping hot blue
stories after dark.
A good student,
I will never let
the wild eyed girl
burn out.
I won’t let the bastards
take the flame, I won’t
let them piss it down
to embers.
Pistols in my lines,
thunder in my stomach,
thick brown gravy
on an old tin plate.
Sparks flying
from my lips,
I tip my hat
to the master,
pass the flask
to the next
one in line.
We’ll go down
flinging fire
through the grate.

9 Responses to “Without The Wild Side of Creation, The Fire Goes Flat…by Julie Buffaloe-Yoder”

  1. Julie does it again! This woman is incredible. I call her the voice of the South. Love, love, love it.

  2. This one is quite different from what I know of Julie’s work and yet it too, works. It works really well.
    Julie has a way of placing me right at the scene, which I love. I always feel as if I’m a silent observer, an innocent bystander in every environ she paints with her marvelous words.
    This one feels right out of one of my favourite westerns of old. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

    Kat Mortensen

  3. Wonderful, Julie! You have such a way with words!

  4. What a talent you are. Love your work, love it.

  5. Julie — I love this one. So nice to see you here at the Rusty Truck!

  6. God – such validity in those words, such weight! Your energy amazes me!

  7. white knuckles, clenched teeth, and a wink – this is brilliantly gritty and beautifully defiant.

    “It ain’t pretty, slick,
    or academic;”

    you’re not a “good” student – you’re blowing the curve.

  8. F.N. Wright Says:

    a publisher/poet/friend of mine said there just aren’t any good american female poets out there today. i agreed until reading some of this lil southern belle’s poetry. you are very good & if you ever join facebook be my friend. o, when i say southern belle i don’t mean as in of the “debutante’s ball” but more like a cat on a hot tin roof looking for the nearest juke joint!

  9. oh julie, this is very powerful! keep the fire forever burning.

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