Saved … by Christopher Robin


my lover arrives with a litany:
the kid with fetal alcohol syndrome
and his abusive parents,
her mother with dementia,
the French immigrant,
(her husband),
lonely, jealous-
all I want is to be quiet
and just make out-
we lay together in my bed
in the dark , kissing,
not letting go
but not doing much more
her phone rings
friend in a wheelchair is
drinking again,
she answers:
“Alcoholism is the easiest thing in the world to cure!
Once you quit, it’s easy! You’ll be healthy again!
You can do anything!”
I want to tell her most of that is a damn lie
but I keep my mouth shut-
after the 3rd call
she hangs up,
and crawls between my legs-
she’s saved me more than once
and sometimes lying quietly
or quietly lying
is the best a man can do

7 Responses to “Saved … by Christopher Robin”

  1. Brilliant, as usual. Those last four lines….
    Leon read this leaning over my shoulder: “He’s a cultivator. And he kows he’s right.” (about the inane comment)
    It feels too voyeuristic for me to comment on this here, though I love that aspect of this piece.
    We also love the photo!

  2. Zen Baby is our master and king. The small press needs more people like Christopher Robin, how else will we ever see the world correctly.

  3. i saw you on the news last night on a car chase from the cops on my scooter. what up man?

  4. Joie Cook Says:

    Bop. De Bop. You be it.
    Hit the notes just right when you write.
    I’ll label it E minor for today.
    Thanks as always, you truth teller–

    Love from Joie– ‘the fool’

  5. The last three lines, especially, are perfect.

  6. Every week when I visit Rusty Truck, I am amazed at the work over here. Christopher Robin, you are awesome. I love it. Yes, that’s the perfect ending.

  7. Chris I want my adult swim hoody!
    I might break in and take it while you are hanging in vegas w/ joe. Can I borrow 20 bucks?

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