I was the assistant manager
of a shoe store in
champaign-urbana, illinois

yes, I’ve held down
some shitty jobs
to support my
writing & painting

I even worked at a factory
that built fiberglass

you know,
like andy gumps

one afternoon
tom & I had
just closed the store
& as we stood outside
& he locked the door

tom was the manager
& , as said, I was
the assistant manager

I heard a tap-tap-tapping
across the street
looked over and watched
a blind man leading
two other blind men
at a fast-paced walk

their canes making
the tapping noise
on the pavement

there was a
school for the blind
along with the
university of illinois
& a nursing school
in champaign-urbana
as well

& I realized it was
an instructor from
the school for the blind
leading two students
on a “confidence-building walk”

I nudged tom
& as we watched them
disappear around a corner
& said,

“I always wondered
what they meant
when they said
the blind leading the blind
& now I know,”

he mumbled,& said,
“you’re a warped motherfucker.”

“I resemble that remark,”
I replied,
“let’s go drink
a few beers.”

“okay,” he said

“shall we let them
lead the way?
I asked.

5 Responses to “THE BLIND LEADING THE F.N. Wright”

  1. F. N. Wright was born and raised in Mattoon, Illinois and currently resides in the mountains of Southern California. He served four years with Navy Amphibious Forces and is a veteran of the Quemoy-Matsu Island Crisis and Vietnam. Since then, he has turned his creative talents to writing and painting, inspired, of all things he says, by baseball. Wright’s writing and paintings have been published in several print and online journals and anthologies like Mudville Diaries, X-Ray, Mystery Island Press, Bottle of Smoke, and Feel Free Press. His novels include The Whorehouse (1977), Flight to Freedom (1986), and The Music Sluts (2005). His paintings are colorful and whimsical, exploring issues of the human heart and culture. Of his artwork, Wright claims, “I am more primitive than the primitives.” For information about availability of his paintings contact Wright at

  2. It’s refreshing to read something that is not as dark and dour as my own mind makes everything out to be lately. Maybe being blind (in some senses) would help a bit. A very sweet, heart warming piece. Thank you!

  3. F.N. Wright Says:

    scot, u published the uncorrected version. after the 12th stanza (i think) i said shd be deleted. after i nudged tom i believe i said then said it again after my statement which shouldn’t have been said…just trying 2 confuse u! but pls make the correction if u can. “i’m such a perfectionist”, i lie but hate such a glaring mistake on my part not being corrected by someone as astute as u. thanks amigo.

  4. corrected version is up –i think

  5. This poem rocks the freakin’ free world. I love the story and the history that goes with the story. I had to laugh at the shit house lines. If I had a job that wasn’t shitty, I wouldn’t know how to act. Damn wonderful poem. The lines sing. I love it.

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