5 bucks on Micheline…by Debbie Kirk


I’m glad you can still taste me on your lips…
Can still smell my pussy on your fingers.

but I was in New Orleans with Jack Micheline
he had some paintings
and I had a boom swagger boom
laying down some lines
that resembled webs

and we got a bet goin’
to see who the real hustler is
And, I’m feeling lucky….

So, could you use your fucking hands
and let me go back to sleep?

5 Responses to “5 bucks on Micheline…by Debbie Kirk”

  1. I am off to KC to listen to some jazz/taking the keys with me/play nice.

  2. Awesome to see this back up. I love this poem.
    Have fun doing the Jazz thing Scot.

  3. alan catlin Says:

    hey Debby, Great to see your stuff. Here there and everywhere. Yes, it has been awhile. Still hanging in here. You move more often and faste rthan Superman’s speeding bullet. Be cool alan

  4. Joie Cook Says:

    Micheline would have loved you!

  5. Len Kuntz Says:

    great work. nice job. do you have more somewhere?

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