the bottle…by todd moore

was stashed
in the dirty
clothes or
behind the
toilet stool
for my old
man’s quick
grab & chug
in the mor
ning to flash
start his
hands or
at night to
blind the
demons so
they cdn’t
get his eyes
he made a
face while
the bourbon
scorched the
phlegm sd
they fuck
you in the
eyes kid
yr dead


3 Responses to “the bottle…by todd moore”

  1. Todd Moore has had more than
    a hundred books and chapbooks
    published. Lummox Press has just
    published The Riddle of the Wooden
    Gun which is one of the key sections
    of his long poem DILLINGER.

  2. Great, Todd. My kind of poetry.


  3. Freaking amazing.

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