Words that refused to remain hidden…by Carter Monroe

So, you say to yourself
sometimes silently, sometimes aloud,
“I’m doing this now
because there’s nothing left to do.”

I mean, it’s a confrontation of sorts.
A seeing yourself as you are
for the umpteenth time,
The reality check you’ve repressed
until now

And, you know
this is not a poem.
Merely what you can do
at the moment.
Something about which
you can convince yourself
on a sober day
had some meaning
some significance
because it damned surely
has none now.

The conjugal selves swirl
in and out.
Testing the limits,
if only for the moment
and the grip is in doubt
like the lock
on the ancient back door.

You wish to use the word “fleeting” here,
but it takes too much of your soul.
Places you into a boxed context,
which is the same
as writing your own eulogy.

And, briefly you consider
a concept as totally meaningless
as posterity
and you chuckle aloud.
All the while forcing
a Platonic barf
that temporarily denies 53 years,
giving you the security of imagined ignorance
and allowing you  a chance for sleep.



2 Responses to “Words that refused to remain hidden…by Carter Monroe”

  1. Carter Monroe lives and writes in the Provinces of Eastern North Carolina. His latest book is The New Lost Blues – Selected Poems 1999 – 2005 (Thunder Sandwich Press 2005.) Recent poems have appeared in The Wild Goose Poetry Review and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. New poems will appear in The Pudding House Gang Anthology scheduled for release later this year.

  2. Amazing. I love Carter Monroe’s work. All of it. This poem punches me in the gut. Very powerful. Thanks for the information about the anthology. I look forward to reading.

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