Shoot…by MK Chavez


the pink tongue of my desire
transpires to make new words
to describe our lips, which

together make conceptual art
a fever dream that utters
non-sense, builds heat
in the small of my back
the sleek tips of muscles touch
create flesh psychedelia
makes my heart beam day-glo
red pulsing heliotrope
in my throat

this secret that’s between
your mouth and mine, a revolver
a brazen fervor, a blind boomerang
the collision of our breath
makes the universe fall
when your hands touch my face
everything opens, leaves
me a convoluted mess
you give me this:

comprehension beyond flesh
a tiny piece of bliss

6 Responses to “Shoot…by MK Chavez”

  1. MK Chavez writes about the beauty that can be found in ugliness. She is co-host of Acker’s Dangerous Daughters, a San Francisco reading series of Cherry Bleeds Literary Journal. Chavez has three chapbooks Virgin Eyes, (Zeitgeist Press) and Visitation, and Next Exit #9 with john sweet (Kendra Special Editions.) You can find out about her up coming publications at

  2. Doug Draime Says:

    WOW! both for the poem, a stunning, beautiful piece of work, & for the lovely face of MK. Outstanding!

  3. Aw Shucks, thanks Doug.

    I was just speaking to Paul Corman-Roberts about you and how much I loved Last May (1968.) I think about it all the time.

  4. Hey Maria! So cool reading with you and Bill and everyone. Lots of people I hadnt seen in forever, So I think you slipped out ( I know you’re finishing school) Just wanted to say you were fabulous as always and we must catch up soon.

  5. Doug Draime Says:

    thanks MK, I’m glad you liked it

  6. i’m FIT t’BE TIE-DYED
    your pome snaps crackles n soars thru cosmic pops
    among zippy mantra-like beats of stroboscopic zen curious bops

    o my head

    Now I know that
    can color my life
    it’s WHAT I’m BOUND t’BE

    And I am happily coming up
    as patterns of youthful spin
    with a tinge of rainbow Day-Glo n jus’ a smidgen
    of Paisley… within!

    I do enjoy reading your stuff mk 😉

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