Nobody’s Fool…by Pris Campbell

Melanie Griffith is flashing Paul Newman.
He’s over seventy but still hotter than George Clooney.
She flubs the scene to get in a few retakes.
She’s flustered, besides.
It’s not every day a gal gets to flash Paul Newman,
draw pay for it, and not get on JoAnne’s bad side.
Paul’s had the chance to fondle a lot of breasts
but he’s no Brad Pitt, dumping Jennifer for Angelina
over a few steamy scenes on the set.
Hollywood’s version of Spin the Bottle.

JoAnne’s seventy, too.
He’s in love with an old woman,
but her laugh is still magic.
He loves the way she sighs when he kisses her.
Paul’s nobody’s fool.
If Washington can maintain a flame
for the unknown soldier over all these years,
he can easily do it with JoAnne.
She listens to his stories, holds him after a bad dream,
and always reminds him to wear his sunglasses in public
so fans can’t sneak photos of those famous blue eyes.


10 Responses to “Nobody’s Fool…by Pris Campbell”

  1. Among other journals and anthologies, Pris Campbell’s poetry has appeared in Chiron Review, Main Street Rag, Boxcar Poetry Review, Wild Goose Review and The Dead Mule. She has recently been featured poet in From East to West, In the Fray, and Empowerment4Women. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2008. Her three chapbooks are Abrasions (Rank Stranger Press), Interchangeable Goddesses, with Tammy Trendle (Rose of Sharon Press) and Hesitant Commitments, which was part of Lummox Press’s Little Red Book series ( She is currently working on a series of sea poems and Paul Newman poems. Her second chapbook is sold out, but a few copies of Abrasions are still available through the author ( Formerly a Clinical Psychologist, Pris has been sidelined by CFIDS since 1990. Raised in the deep south, she has lived in the Midwest, Hawaii, and Boston. Following a six month trip down the coast in her 22 foot sailboat, she settled in the greater West Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband, a crazy dog and a cat who sits on her poetry drafts.

  2. Hi,
    Good to see you here. I liked the poem a lot and Paul Newman has always been one of my favorite actors, like his environmental positions too. Keep up the good writing.

  3. Loved it Pris! Glad to see you at the truck.

  4. Thanks, both of you! Good to see you, too. Al, I always admired Paul Newman, too.

  5. Another great poem, Pris. Makes me miss Paul that much more.

  6. Margaret Rogers Says:

    I’m one of those old wives with an old husband-still in love. Can relate to this poem,even if he is no Paul Newman. He is still special

  7. Hello Pris! Nice piece. I loved Paul Newman and I love your writing!

  8. I’ve been too long without a new Pris poem, and what a wonderful one it is. Thanks! And this is my first time at the truck.

  9. AJ Wildauer Says:

    You are so terrific Pris-what an outstanding talent you have. I hope your heart isn’t breaking as much. I think the world of you. love, aj

  10. Again, thank all of you for your comments. Means a lot.

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