covered in dust waiting for rain

this old truck tucked
just into the woods
off a dirt road
cedar growing
through its skeleton
used to haul
field dressed deer
during season or not
sometimes moonshine
up and down these
ozark roads paved
in mud and chert

old man penley
left it here one day
got pissed off
cause it wouldn’t
pull the hill
loaded full of wood
backed off in trees
and just said
piss on it
came back a half
dozen times
stripped it clean
nothing left now
but a speedometer
one chrome bumper

just sits
permanently parked
sometimes a summer
home for roadrunners
but always rusting
a shell of the 50s

neighbors pass by
nod toward the truck
and say
that penley
he was a crazy


first appeared in Shoots and Vines

author’s note-

The Rusty Truck is real and sits on my Ozark property acting as a landmark, a decaying piece of Americana at the beginning of my drive.  Nobody has been able to tell me how it got there so I decided to invent the origin.  Everyone needs answers.  Over the years, we have thought of removing it, but now it is become a part of us.  And the story has become real.

–Scot Young


5 Responses to “covered in dust waiting for rain”

  1. howie good Says:

    Quite a story, quite a poem.

  2. Todd Moore Says:

    Love this poem. It reminds me of an old
    33 Pontiac I used to play in. It sat out in
    back of a tool and die shop. The windows
    were broken out and the doors were off
    but somehow it was the best place to
    dream in.


  3. nice story ane nice poem too.

  4. F.N. Wright Says:

    reminds me of a michelle shocked song that i can’t think of the title off hand. trust me scot, that is a compiment because she does write great songs with stories like the one you just laid on us.

  5. Fan-freaking-tastic. The story and the poem.

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