Sammy’s idea of…by Alan Catlin


a down home get
together at the bar
surprised everyone.
Not that a guy
who did twelve
different kinds
of pills, from
laughers, to downers
to in betweeners
with his beer
and red wine
wasn’t known for
spectacular surprises.
First he placed
the box on the bar,
ordered a pint
for himself and
a half for his
mother who never
really was much
of a drinker, “Right,
Mom?” he said
to the box.
Everyone just sat
there quietly finishing
the sentence he had
left incomplete,
“When she was still
alive” but no one
said anything out loud.
In fact, it was so
uncommonly quiet in
that bar you could
almost hear the head
bubbles evaporating
on her beer.

One Response to “Sammy’s idea of…by Alan Catlin”

  1. awesome ending, Alan!

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