Two Poems by Father Luke


The darkness ate my poems

When I lay down for the night
I don’t want to be bothered
with the tugs from
the words


it will never be my turn

once again i’m facing the end of the month without
a job and without rent money.
i’m listening to music in my hotel room.
i feel a cool, coastal breeze,
and i taste the salt in the air.
i’m almost 50 years old,
and i’m beginning to
it will never be my turn.

My name is Father Luke.
I wait with the woman I love for a perfect world.

My website is here:

7 Responses to “Two Poems by Father Luke”

  1. As always, we come to the Padre seeking guidance & we leave fulfilled.

  2. “it will never be my turn” is one of the best i ever read.

  3. Beautiful work Father, as always.

    And thank you Rusty Truck as well. Now I have more to read… Excellent.

  4. always good to read you, Padre.

  5. I really dig the, It Will Never Be My Turn Poem. It sums up exactly how I feel.


  6. I suppose it might never be your turn or it might always be your turn, depends upon which way you are facing.

    These were both very memorable, sinking in kinds of poems, thank you, will look for more of you Father Luke.


  7. “It will never be my turn” is fabulous. So sad, like watching a car wreck as the character looks head on into the fat mirror and really sees himself.

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