the problem with becoming widely aware of us just before sleep…by amanda oaks


i hunt for things you do not know
like what your eyelashes look like
when you close your eyes, a secret
i haven’t confessed up until now, saved
like the baby teeth brittling in a box pushed
to the back of a drawer in our tallest bureau,
your breaths end like autumn, abrupt, blunt,
like the continents i could plant between us
some nights, the ocean of our bed sheets
reflecting our freckles, connect-the-dot
constellations always there to pull us
back together

do you remember discovering your heartbeat
for the first time as a child?

4 Responses to “the problem with becoming widely aware of us just before sleep…by amanda oaks”

  1. beautiful, amanda…

  2. love this…such a great style

  3. Tammy Brewer Says:

    I love “your breaths end like autumn” and freckles being “connect the dot constellations” — amazing the way you can relate the human body to nature in such a unique and beautiful way. always love your words, amanda.

  4. Amanda Oaks’ work has appeared in Poesy, Nerve Cowboy, Tears in the Fence, Denver Syntax & Zygote in my Coffee. She lives in western Pennsylvania, where she edits the print journal words dance & runs verve bath press which publishes handmade chapbooks. She is the author of several chapbooks including dreams that would drown most men (Rose of Sharon Press, 2008) co-authored with John Dorsey.


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