I am more interested
listening to
coffee-shop frat boys
groan how much

they hate poetry
than blowing my cover
to sneer out of the

corner of a poison smile
igniting the fuse

of a poetry bomb
about to explode

with no remorse

On streets
crumbling at corners
from a jaded American dream
in the head
of pregnant mother nation
too fat to mow
along that white picket fence

I live to see
the first black president
parade white man’s
insecure warfare
bleeding trigger-finger

behind fear’s revolver
pockets emptied
buy some promise
from a future
only accepting credit
for beautiful resistance
in drunken sway
between disbelief and sunlight

2 Responses to “BETWEEN DISBELIEF AND SUNLIGHT…by Brian Morrisey”

  1. christopher robin Says:

    dang, thats good, brian!!! you nailed it, great new poem. i feel your despair!

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