Combat boots were made for walking by Debbie Kirk

I have always said
Keep a secret from him
Keep just one thing,
For yourself

When I noticed
That my secrets
Were piling up
I realized I am the kind of girl
Who will forever have
Far too many secrets

And that I also don’t have to try
As hard as I think I do
To keep them away from me in the first place

Cause I’m such a dirty girl

I’ve never traced my genealogy
But I’ve noticed that sometimes
I blend in
With the dusty,
Walked all over
Used wooden floors.

pink hair

4 Responses to “Combat boots were made for walking by Debbie Kirk”

  1. Established writer John Bennett of Vagabond books one said that “It is Debbie Kirk who should be wearing Bukowksi’s crown, not all these limp dick pretenders to the throne.”
    She was also referred to once as “a visionary with a switchblade tucked in her boot.”
    Debbie’s writes the poems that talks about the things that nobody wants to think about.
    A heartbreaker from early on Debbie had to make it clear she was not just meat.
    Speaking of meat…she eats it raw.

  2. alan catlin Says:

    Hot stuff was meant for strutting and you’ve got the stuff-the real stuff so bring it on like it’s some hot jungle fevered night, fully jazzed like the word police been on fire in some kind of late night Bill BURROUGHS BLAZE OUT
    freaking heavy freaking hard but cool baby cool like that’s what it’s all about
    a Debbie Kirk experienced like Jimi in some new electric lady land that hasn’t been fully devised yet. Nice clean girls don’t go anywhere especially not to no dance club at the end of the night so long past last call even the cops can’t get in but DEBBIE’S BEEN, WAVE Debbie Wave . I’ve been there too been there longer than I care to remember but now it’s too late for me to get back in. In my next life, maybe. Meet me there and we’ll see what happens.

  3. Joie Cook Says:

    deb- secrets are a girl’s best friend.

  4. alan you are so awesome. i just read your short shots. great stuff man!

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