I’m addicted to looking at pictures
Mother left behind
From assorted photo albums
Bringing back memories of our family
Flat on Page street
Teddy the family dog chasing his tail
Like dad chased his dreams
Mother sitting on the sofa knitting
A heating pad on her swollen feet
Or working a crossword puzzle
One eye on sister the other on me
Dad lighting up a Pall Mall cigarette
blowing smoke rings across the room
It’s like reliving vaudeville days
My father a grip-man on the
Old Muni Railway
Taking me with him for a ride
Letting me ring the bell
A look of pride in his eyes
When he said to the passengers:
One of the few memories
I had of childhood fun
Father and son as one
Riding to the end of the line
That one time when everything
In life was fairytale fine
Now at 73
I feel like a dinosaur
Walking the ends of earth
With nothing but scraps
To feast on

2 Responses to “POEM FOR MY FATHER by A.D. Winans”

  1. Beautiful.

  2. thanks, Julie
    it will be part of a book, No Room For Buddha.

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