skating on thin ice by John Dorsey

john dorsey 2

when we were little
my mother would strap
skates on our feet
every sunday after church
and walk us over
to an empty lot
in the trailer park
where i spent most
of my childhood
frozen over by rural
pennslyvania ice storms

my little brother and i
were small fish on
an even smaller pond
born on thin ice with copper spoons
up our asses me
with two left feet
him with coke bottle
glasses since kindergarten ready
and waiting for our
shot at the white
trash ice capades twirling until
sundown like the spiritual children
of gordon lightfoot we were
raised to be

we were raised right
it’s just too
bad pride didn’t come
along with a little grace
if it had we
might have been divine
a mother’s angels rattling
the bars of the cage

years later mom donated
our skates to the
salvation army “you boys
don’t ever skate anymore”
my brother says “we
never did” and i can’t
help laughing now when
i think about putting
on skates it’s only
to meet death in the middle
of the road

–John Dorsey

7 Responses to “skating on thin ice by John Dorsey”

  1. John Dorsey was born in a military hospital in HI in 1976.
    He has traveled to 49 states and several countries and found love to be fleeting in all of them. He is the author several collections of poetry you’ve never read and will probably hit you up for a “loan”. He has read with such poets as S.A. Griffin, Scott Wannberg, Ellyn Maybe, The David Smith, T.L. Kryss, Ann Menebroker, Neeli Cherkovski, A.D. Winans, the late Gregory Corso, and the late Allen Ginsberg and many others. His work has received multiple nominations for the Pushcart Prize.
    Yes, ladies…he is currently single

  2. rebecca Says:

    wow, nice John… B

  3. Nice remembrance!

  4. yes, like i told ya, lovin’ these new ones of yours. xo

  5. This is the type of poetry that makes me glad I do what I do.

    Awesome work.

    Great selection, Scot.

  6. William Taylor Jr. Says:

    Nice one, my friend.

  7. I’m proud to have been a part of John’s journey in his life. Whenever I work on a project with him, I always learn about him more throug his art than casual conversation.

    I’m still finding myself sitting down and reading his collected poems “Little Boy Beat” that I am honored to have published for him. Seeing the world uniquely is an understatement for John!

    Chris Lance, CEO
    Paladin Music and Entertainment, Inc.

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