Cooter Shorts by Misti Rainwater-Lites

I sat in my car baking in the relentless North Texas sun. My window was rolled down. I watched a skinny woman in cooter shorts walk across the parking lot to Freddie Boy’s Discount Market. She was smoking and talking on a cell phone. Her dirty blond hair was in a ponytail. She had a blue butterfly tattoo on her left ankle. She wasn’t sexy but she thought she was. She had two kids with her, a scrawny little boy in a saggy diaper and a little girl in a pink tank top and red pants. The woman stuck the cell phone in her purse and grabbed a shopping cart from the sidewalk in front of the store entrance.  “Don’t start whining for a soda. You can drink water when we get home,” she snapped at the boy.  They disappeared inside the store and I imagined the boy reaching for a cold bottle of Sunkist. The woman would slap his hand and he would cry until snot dripped from his nose. The girl would beg for a Jonas Brothers cd. The woman would say they couldn’t afford it. She came out of the store carrying one plastic bag. I imagined it contained a box of tampons, the skinny pearly kind.


5 Responses to “Cooter Shorts by Misti Rainwater-Lites”

  1. William Taylor Jr. Says:

    Solid and vivid piece, Misty…always good to read your work. But what the hell are cooter shorts?



  2. William Taylor Jr. Says:


    Sorry I spelled you “Misty”. I know better. I’ve had a few beers.

  3. Joie Cook Says:

    wow misti, you have an unflinching eye for detail,
    great piece of “prosetry” — you inspire me to write
    full sentences, ha! love, joie

  4. Excellent stuff as ever, Misti.

  5. Thanks, ya’ll! Cooter shorts: Daisy Dukes/really short shorts
    “cooter” is Texan for vagina!
    …I am currently writing a bizarro novella entitled Bunny Man. The story begins in Mars, Texas and ends in Sparrow Fart, California.

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