SLICK by F.N. Wright

Blind Bob
as he was known
stood outside
the Filipino bar
I sometimes
when in this
unsavory part of
& tried to
hustle me
as he always did
along with
everyone else
who came along
out of a buck
twenty nine
to help pay
for new dentures
I would laugh
& wouldn’t give
him so much
as a plug nickel
but this time
I invited him
bought him a
glass of wine
that was probably
only slightly better
than the bottle
a buck twenty nine
would get him

“What about my dentures?”
he asked.

I laughed & placed
a dollar bill &
four pennies on the bar
then I took a quarter
& said to him,
“There’s a dollar bill
& four pennies
on the bar.
I’m going to flip
a quarter into the air.
You call it before
it hits the floor
& if you’re right
the buck twenty nine
is yours & you
gotta free drink out
of it as well.”

I flipped the quarter
high into the air
& before it could
hit the floor
the slick sonofabitch
finished his glass
of wine, snatched
the bill & 4 pennies
off the bar
caught the quarter
in mid-air
& was out the door
in 4.4 time

“Slick sonofabitch
should be playing
ball somewhere
with hand-eye
& speed like that,”
I chuckled.

“Yeah, the Cubs
sure could use him”
Jimmy the bartender
mumbled sourly as he
picked up Blind Bob’s
wine glass & wiped the bar
with a dirty rag, “They
suck this year.


One Response to “SLICK by F.N. Wright”

  1. Freaking awesome poem!

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