The Queen of Harbor by RD Armstrong

I used to be a go-go girl and
Fuck look at me now
I’m working on my MFA!
That’s the first thing she said
It seemed innocent at the time
But I learned soon enough
That it was a very thin veneer

You should come over
Sometime and let me cook
You dinner

I have rolled that over in my head
Over the subsequent years
Trying to look at it from every angle
Trying to break the code

It’s funny how eleven words
Could say so little about what waited
Beyond that meal

I’m no good with
I only say that because
I’m always single
Even Bukowski was
Married once by my age

I always keep up hope
Unfortunately I’m not a very
Good judge of what’s best
For me

They say you marry your mother
But I haven’t found her yet
You’d think it would be easy
Given how fucked up
Everyone is these days
But so far
My record is perfect

4 Responses to “The Queen of Harbor by RD Armstrong”

  1. RD Armstrong AKA Raindog

    Published in over 300 journals, zines and anthologies and Ezines, Blogs and websites, Raindog has four new books out in 2008: Fire and Rain Vols. 1 & 2 (Selected Poems – 1993-2007); On/Off the Beaten Path (Road Poems) and El Pagano (Short Stories). Aside from that he operates the Lummox Press which publishes the Little Red Book series (59 titles) and has just published The Long Way Home – the Best of the Little Red Book series 1998-2008 edited by RD Armstrong (selections from the best of the first ten years); New and Selected Poems by John Yamrus, and The Riddle of the Wooden Gun by Todd Moore. All can be viewed/purchased at

  2. you can just tag something with Bukowski so the sheep will read it….

  3. Joie Cook Says:

    hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. marriage is not the end all.
    i do love the poem, though. there’s a bit of transcendence in there–
    without being sentimental. nice. thanks.

  4. Wonderful.

    My hub tells people married a woman much like his own mother. You’d think he’d stop saying it after all the years he’s heard me complain about her, but maybe that’s his intention. haha

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