Voicemail by Jacob Johanson


this is the holy spectacle calling
to demand
you stop murdering your angelic
by confusing faith with dogma
and morality
as some sort of absolute.

just where
do you think apostles
would come from
if jesus were around now,
what with his love
of sinners and parables?

he wouldn’t tap billy graham,
i’ll tell you that much.

and also?

give iris back her purse-
already got his.

please call back.

you know i’ll answer.

2 Responses to “Voicemail by Jacob Johanson”

  1. jacob johanson hates writing bios; consequently, they often suck. he is the literary editor of Off Beat Pulp (www.offbeatpulp.com) and has been published here and there (and there, too). feel free to hunt down his books, Poems for Sparrows and Shotgun (upcoming from Tainted Coffee Press with John Dorsey) along with collections in both The Feedbag and The Beards anthology.

  2. Joie Cook Says:

    “confusing faith with dogma”–yes!
    interesting piece…

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