To Their Faces by William Taylor Jr.


This is not a
protest poem;

the world is what it is
and there’s nothing
I dream to change.

And yet a part of me
would savor the chance
to tell them to their faces,

the leaders, the killers,
and the rest of their kind,

to tell them simply
they are dust.

Like me, like you,
like every sad creature upon
this earth,

simply dust.

And when all that exists is dragged
back to fire, back to ice,
back to the void,

oblivion will swallow their
tiny dreams of conquest.

And if some future god
or some unnamable force
remains to bear witness
to what has gone before,

if their kind are considered
worth mentioning

it will be only
as killers,

as dust.

7 Responses to “To Their Faces by William Taylor Jr.”

  1. William your words never fail…

  2. Even the dust must respect this poem…

  3. Joie Cook Says:

    dust. yes. your words never fail
    to move me. just finished your
    new book, a must read for poets
    and everyone else in the world…
    can’t wait ’til the 9th of september
    to hear you read the new stuff…
    (modern times bookstore-valencia
    street-san francisco. 7pm.

  4. Only you could make dust prolific!

  5. Andrew Taylor Says:

    Great words Bill.

  6. Wendy Grosskopf Says:

    We are all killers, Bill. And we will all be killed; we will all one day be dust.

  7. i agree and i like the writing

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