The sun reminded her by Melanie Browne

of a giant
orange Christmas
bubble light.
she wanted to
string it around
her waist and enter
one of those endless
dance contests,
the kind where people
drop like flies,
the kind where people
sweat behind the knees

A combination of
mad, mad, lust &
dangerous ecstasy

The sun reminded her
of hard work,
a Grapes of Wrath
type work,
people pounding
the pavement
trying to avoid
the falconer’s knot

The sun reminded her
of something
like that


2 Responses to “The sun reminded her by Melanie Browne”

  1. Melanie Browne has appeared in various e-zines and journals
    including Word Riot, Commonline, Madswirl, Cause & Effect,
    and Pank. She has work forthcoming in Yellow Mama,Word Riot,
    Houston Literary Review, and Bicycle Review. She is a co-editor at
    Leaf Garden Press. Her first chapbook, Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop,
    is available at Erbacce Press. She lives in Texas.

  2. Well so 6 billion people inhabit the earth and 2 billion are poets, Melanie surely appears in the upper reaches of this. got to get a copy of that chap book. heaven wouldn’t be complete without it.

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