she worked her lips
down my body
as she stroked my cock

a blowjob was
coming my way

or so I thought
until she stopped
tonguing my navel

“jesus christ,
you’re getting
a fucking beer belly!”
she grumbled

“no, darlin”,
I explained,
“it’s a matter
of poor posture.”

“”bullshit,” she said,
“I know a beer belly
when I see one
& you have a
fucking beer belly!”

“no! no! no!,
I argued,
“it’s simply
poor posture!”

I could feel
that blowjob
fading fast

I leaped out of bed
& sucked in my gut
for all that it was

I’m sure a lot to
the shareholders
of anhauser-busch

as I pulled back
my shoulders
& puffed out my chest
she laughed &
got out of bed
& I watched her
sway-back ass
leave the room

by the time I
realized what
she was doing
it was too late

she’d poured
all my beer
down the drain.”

One Response to “POOR POSTURE BLUES by F.N.Wright”

  1. This is a great piece; just loved it. So real life but with a twist.

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