I have seen
quiet people
afraid of firecrackers
afraid of smiling
and joy, come alive
after a few shots of tequila
with beer chasers
the women get closer
and somehow a button
comes undone
and their breasts look
like ripe apples

while others
erupt with strangers
in violent ballets
of nonsense
the seduction of suds
surfing through bloodstream
numb and happy
then sick and
disillusioned in morning

we keep seeking peace
inside of chaos
reason inside of insanity
control over the chamber
of the pistol
aimed at the temple
of your head,

stupid liquid people

electric fluid
with illusions of grandeur
the terrible endless surf
constantly crashing
ebb & tide yawning

I see the sharks
smiling crooked teeth
of the balance.

7 Responses to “SURF DRUNK by ALCOHOLMAN”

  1. The Secret Origin of Alcoholman:

    The sole survivor of the “Super Sailor” experiment in the United States Navy, Alcoholman fights evil and metaphysical weirdness with his powers of super intoxication. For more information:

  2. cassandra Dallett Says:

    love that

  3. Mystery Island brought me alive like that. Totally. Oh, and the vodka. Totally.

  4. liquid people

    fucken brilliance.

    I bend down in front of you.

  5. kickin some ass, Alcoholman (aka Brad Mason Hamlin)!

  6. if lucy and i both bend down … you better stand veryvery still.

  7. Monika aka Malibu Stacy Says:

    The sharks, I want them. Eat me.

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