The Speak Easy

Scot:  Do you have a cause, that is something you feel passionate about?SpeakEasy01

Hosho McCreesh:  Of course. But I’ve never convinced anyone of anything & have, when trying, only turned people against such things with my enthusiasm…so I’ve given up trying to convert people, or even bother sharing any of it. It’s worked out best for all involved.

Christopher Robin:  The disappearance of small bookstores. If I find a bookstore with a cat in the window, I spend a lot of money there. Even without a cat, but the more animals the better. Bonus if they ring you up using a simple calculator and old fashioned cash register, they still exist!

Misti Rainwater-Lites
:  Literacy. Anti-censorship. The West Memphis 3. Anti-death penalty. Rehabilitate and educate those who can be rehabilitated and educated.
For the weird fuckers like Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy…my suggestion would be solitary confinement until they are dead.

Todd Moore
:  Yeah, breathing.

Chris Toll
:  Oh, I think Art should change the world.

Father Luke:  Not really. I keep to myself. I have a girl friend, and she has kids. I’m passionate about my love for her, and my devotion to the safety of
her children. Everything else can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

Howard Good:  Public education. I’ve written four books on the need for school reform (check Howard Good — my nonfiction identity — for titles on We’re doomed as a society, a planet, and a species if we don’t educate the young as they should be educated — for creativity, compassion, and democracy.

A.D. Winans
:  THE DOWNCAST of America.  The dispossessed.  The people the government gives mock lip service too, but all to often turns its back on.

Eugenia Hepworth Petty
:  I give a damn about species and beings other than Homo sapiens. I believe that vegetarianism and veganism are the highest forms of ahimsa, and thus I don’t eat anything with a face. I worry deeply about the fate of the oceans, bees, whales, farm animals, etc. Though I have killed many fleas lately, I try to take other insects safely out of doors. In all likelihood these small beings will outlive us.

Alan Catlin:   Peace

Rebecca Schumejda:
I love teaching at-risk or at-promise students in an alternative education setting; I am very passionate about giving students the opportunity to own their education and to make learning valuable to them.

Jack Henry: Another great question.  And, I apologize, I have to answer two ways.  When I look at a cause, I see causes that are labeled, like Cancer Research, Saving Whales, shit like that, and as unlabeled or, maybe, unorganized.  This might include challenging authority, fighting passivity, denying the status quo.
I am very passionate about challenging authority, the accepted answer, the one-way-or-no-way mindset.  This may seem very obvious to other writers, but it really isn’t.  I grew up in a very WASP Republican homophobic anti-drug, white is right neighborhood, a world so steeped in racism and the denial of that racism that it colored my thinking on everything.  I rail against church, state and government.

A cause that is recognizable is Poetry in Schools.  I believe that poetry should be the first written form a child studies and masters.  Again, this may seem obvious in that most of the picture books a child learns to read from is rhythmic or poetic.  This is not what I mean.  I believe that a child’s mind can accept the challenge of understand a “poetic structure,” to “use words beyond simple meaning.”

I watched my daughter learn to read and she took to it.  She used the same books I did, Dr. Suess.  But I also taught her to understand the poetic structure of writing.  It took time but she slowly began to use the literal meaning of a word as well as it implied or auditory meaning.  Her first paragraphs in third grade did not start with the same word (generally “the”)  She changed the meter of the sentence structure and used the length of the sentence to prove feeling and meaning in an intangible way to the paragraph.  I shit you not.  This freaked out the teacher but it did not take away from the goals of writing a paragraph.  She just has more style.  Understanding the conventions of the poetic process opens the mind further to accept the conventions of structuralized writing that is the core of academic learning in the K-12 environment.  Having read hundreds if not thousands of essay written by high school students, a little “poetry” in their writing would have gone a long way.

Last thought:  I just remembered that I was very involved in legalizing same sex marriage in California (duh, how could I forget that?) and I am part of a movement to legal currently illegal drugs.  That conversation is not for this interview.

Jennifer Blowdryer
:  I’m passionate about remaining humane, not being creepy. I adopted Quentin Crisp’s entire point of view pretty young, and I still think of axioms of his at least every other day that apply to situations that come uo – some of them are hardcore, like if somebody lies to you, its your fault, because you’ve made yourself someone who can’t be told the truth. Also, embrace what you can’t avoid.

Scott Wannberg:  Health care for all (includes dental)

F.N. Wright:  No, because I am not a crusader though I am very passionate in my dislike for organized religion & it shows in a lot of my writings. I feel organized religion is like organized crime & the catholic church is greedy, feeds off the poor & history shows had a deal w/the nazis during WWII 2 ensure their survival. Read my Piss On The Pope 2 see what I mean.

David Pointer: Poems, songs and children’s poems-enough said!

William Taylor Jr:  People living the life they are meant to live, whatever that life may be, to the best of their abilities.

Bradley Mason Hamlin: I believe all child rapists should be put to death.

4 Responses to “The Speak Easy”

  1. Father Luke Says:

    Just wanted to note a thanks to Scot for bringing this all together. Thanks Scot.

    – –
    Father Luke
    Alive somewhere in Portland, Oregon

  2. my casue–you’re welcome father

  3. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  4. Father Luke Says:

    Strange. I got exactly the same email from this guy.
    Anyone else?

    Man the intertubes are really weird.

    – –
    Your man in Portland,
    Father Luke

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