Three Poems by Sarah Ahmad


A glimpse of hope grows
Eyes a reminder of the soul

Youth of impatience
Formal communication falls
The question fades
Encounter of your own thoughts
Reality of existence met again

Passion that fails the frightened
Ideal window of experience

Passing through
the scarce fulfilment
of quivering dreams.


Failed to secure

Violence passed
Facing refusal
Face of venus is an immense factor

Reluctance owns the past
Applauding tirelessly
Challenges play a key role


Awaiting to move beyond

As the essential task tears
and falls
at their feet.


The Path

Extend and seize the hand
It is the reason for the assorted devils


One Response to “Three Poems by Sarah Ahmad”

  1. Sarah Ahmad lives in Pakistan. She likes to call herself a struggling poet and artist as in her world where life is so fragile,not knowing if you will return alive every time you step out of the house, getting someone to acknowledge your art is a real struggle.


    I have not had email contact with this poet since she first submitted…I hope this find her well.

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