The Speak Easy

Rusty Truck:   If you could change one thing…?SpeakEasy01

Todd Moore:
I’m so used to this anarchy.  I’d be lost without it.

Chris Toll:
We’d live on a planet at peace where everybody had enough to eat and a roof over his or her head.

Bradley Mason Hamlin:
People shouldn’t have to work for the illusion of money.

Father Luke:
Nope. Nothing.

David Pointer:  I’d put political poetry back in the major newspapers and political poets would be included on political television shows-even Jon Stewart’s show.

Howie Good:  I’d have more hair.

A.D. Winans:
I’d have had a child, although this would have meant getting married, and that would have changed who I am.

Eugenia Hepworth Petty
:  I would wave a magic fairy wand and Homo sapiens would have an “Aha” moment of expanded consciousness in which they would realize that they are not separate from the web of life and that they are the spider that needs to repair the tattered web…and this moment would last!

Alan Catlin:
I wouldn’t have drunk so much.

F.N. Wright: I would have been a better father when my children were young but there were complications. I am very happy to say my 2 children & I are very close now & my son calls me “his best friend.” As far as changing anything else? Sure, a lot of things but they are things I have no control over.

William Taylor Jr
.  Less loneliness in the world.  More joy.

Rebecca Schumejda: Nothing.

Jack Henry:
I would have a much larger penis.  LOL.  In the personal sense I would change into a woman.  Whether or not one takes that as a “homosexual tendency, draw your conclusions as I do not care, it would be so interesting to see the world from the perspective of the other gender.
I was going to put an altruistic change, such as keeping the entire Bush family out of politics or curing cancer or swine flu or something along those lines, but I realized there is nothing I would change.  Maybe the woman thing, but in all honesty we gain so much from the world we live in, the experiences we partake in, it is this moment we are meant to live in and to change something would alter an experience we are yet to have.

Misti Rainwater-Lites:
I would change my bank account. I would make it much fatter.

Jennifer Blowdryer:
Like everybody else, i’d change housing – society is just too hard to navigate for too many people, i let people crash at my house sometimes. Everybody should have someone staying on their kitchen floor at least a 5th of the year.

Scott Wannberg: The Supreme Court not set for life–.subject to review every
10 or 15 years and if found lacking…adios.

Hosho McCreesh:
Well, one thing wouldn’t do much–but I am constantly amazed that, after a century of driving we haven’t yet worked out a few friendly hand-signals to let each other know our blinkers are on, or that we have a tire that’s a little low. I mean–we flick our lights to warn of cops & speed traps…why not a few more?

Christopher Robin: I woulda been born with a dick.

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  1. jack henry Says:

    fuck i am an idiotr

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