than Christmas with
a half naked girl with
tongue down his
throat while the
record stuck on
Elvis’ Blue Christmas.
When he forgot the
language he couldn’t
remember how it
seemed, only how her
leg caught his lips
on the stained sofa
you could smell
ancient sex smells rise
from like fish egg
smell over Orleans
where the sea’s blue
in the mirror was
less blue than her veins

4 Responses to “IT WAS BETTER HE SAID by Lyn Lifshin”

  1. August Bleed Says:

    Love the ending on this…great work

  2. I love your poetry, have for decades,
    this one no exception. Orleans on
    Cape Cod? No sea in ‘Nawlins… just
    wondering. Specifics make/break
    a poem for me. Or not. Thanks…

  3. David Fox Says:

    I really like this. Have always admired your poetry, even though I’ve been in the poetry “circuit” for about 10 years. Keep on submitting and keeping the small press zines like these and mine afloat!
    David Fox
    Editor, The Poet’s Art

  4. M.H. Middleton Says:

    As always
    an inspiration
    and a

    M.H. Middleton
    Poet, in the making 🙂

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