Veterans Day Anthology–The devil laughs with us


Click on he wall to view chapbook, then on full screen for best viewing.  Poems by Alan Catlin, S.A Griffin, D.B. Cox, Bradley Mason Hamlin, F.N. Wright, Jack Henry, Raindog, and Scot Young.

Cover art by F.N. Wright.  First appeared in  Piss on the Pope published by Mystery Island.

3 Responses to “Veterans Day Anthology–The devil laughs with us”

  1. Father Luke Says:

    Glimpses into terror. I got chills.

    – –
    Wondering why it isn’t being sold for five dollars,
    Father Luke

  2. to my military brothers… hope you have a good day… by the way yesterday (Nov. 10th) was the Marine Corps Birthday (Happy Birthday USMC).

    thanks to Scot for taking the time to do this mini-chapbook.

  3. f.n. wright Says:

    apologies 2 brad. the cover is a painting of mine originally published in my chapbook Piss On The Pope thant brad published. excellent job scot.

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