Featured Poet: JASON HARDUNG


I was nineteen and still believed tn
the mystics walked among us
a guitar could get me laid
and I could control the rotation of the earth
with extreme concentration.
I drove a pick up truck
through trenches in Middle America
was in love with a slut
carried a gun
and partied until the ceiling
spun like a dream sequence
in a Ken Kesey’s home movie.

Gunfighters, junkies and cowboys
became heroes of mine
and love conquered all.
From the bus window I saw Jesus
stifled on billboards
and in the back room of the Antiquarium.
I thought his verse resembled Jim Morrison’s
Horse Latitudes-
and they both did the crucifixion
pose for their head shots.
I wanted to burn out young.
My life would make a great
made for TV special
and Kirk Cameron would play
my teenage years.

Once I was born
sucking on the floppy tit of the beast
fed it until it overcame adversity
killed it and made it holy.

I followed train tracks and miracles
fire on my heels
flowers in my ribs
sun on the horizon-

there was always California
if the bottom fell out.

9 Responses to “Featured Poet: JASON HARDUNG”

  1. Jason Hardung’s work has been published widely through the American underground. His work has appeared in The New York Quarterly, Evergreen review, Zygote In My Coffee, Underground Voices, decomP, Thrasher, Lummox Journal, Heroin Love Songs, Polarity, Up The Staircase, St. Vitus Press to name a few. He has a chapbook, Breaking The Hearts of Robots on Covert Press, and full length book, The Broken and The Damned on Epic Rites. He is co-editor of the Front Range Review and Matter Journal. He lives in FT. Collins, Colorado with a cat and a bird whose feet fell off.

  2. Juice will be featured Friday thru Sunday with three new poems.

  3. John Dorsey Says:

    As always, Juice is a sunset…

  4. wow what a great piece and i do mean
    GREAT. storyline, closing, every image,
    just clean, perfect–you can write, dude!

  5. Loved the poem and the picture is of the one of the best I’ve seen of Jason!

  6. always enjoy reading this guy

  7. […] Jason Hardung…The Secrets of the Antiquarium […]

  8. “there was always California/if the bottom fell out” A line worthy of Hank or Merle Haggart’s “if we make it through December, everything’s gonna be all right I know” i wish i had written that! Great lines where song and poetry join… the real deal as they say. Or “news that stays news”Hell. I’m thinikng about California right now! Charles Plymell

  9. jason hardung Says:

    Thanks Charles. When I was younger there was always the hope I could leave and go to California when things got bad, and things would be ok. I guess I still think that way.

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