Two Poems by Erek Smith

 I’m Beginning To Understand J.D. Salinger

it’s just not safe out there anymore
even the ones that don’t want to mug you
or murder you
are so wrapped up in their clothes
and their cars
and their money making schemes
you can’t trust any of them
the panic and bile in my gut
only retreats when i’m in my room
left alone to confer
with the dead
and the

Sitting In The Pew
on Mother’s Day morning.
My mother
beamed with pride
her three kids
in a row beside her
like ducklings.
It didn’t matter
that I didn’t
believe in god.
It was the first time
I’d seen her smile
in two weeks.

3 Responses to “Two Poems by Erek Smith”

  1. Erek Smith is a 23 yr old writer in Alabama. He works the night shift at a hotel trying to figure it all out and decide what to do with life as his only interests seem to be reading, writing, fucking, and drinking coffee. He has an irregularly updated blog at and starting this winter will be putting out a cut&paste poetry zine called In The Gallows. Inquiries about the zine can be made to

  2. Father Luke Says:

    Erek once wrote that not all violence is physical. Not a new thought, true. But his handling of it in describing a child tugging at his father’s pant leg, as that father pawned his toys was a fresh look at pain.

    Erek is young, but he’s hoeing a row that is deep and true. Watch him. He’s got guts. I like him a lot.

    – –
    Father Luke

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