Three Almost Love Poems by Michael Grover

There is a permanent sadness in her face.
Everywhere I look these days.
Like abuse unchecked.
Incomplete children running around
For sins that were never their own.
For sins they will lacerate themselves over.
I see them when I look at her.
The heaviness of her face.
The permanent sadness.
I want to do something about it.
I want to cure you all,
But I can only show you the way.
I want to talk to the president
the media
And tell them to address this.
I want to broadcast a Poem
That addresses it so the world can hear.
I want to lift that heaviness because she can’t sleep from the nightmares
From behind her eyes.

You tell me you used to cut yourself,
Now you’re into the pain of tattoos.
Why does this world take beauty
And turn it into pain?

Trying to find the words
To keep this conversation going.
Not knowing what happens
If it dies.
Penny for your thoughts
That you hold so close.
Feeling this conversation could die,
Or you could loose interest.

One Response to “Three Almost Love Poems by Michael Grover”

  1. You lost me at “I want to cure you all, But I can only show you the way.”

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