Catherine B. Young, 1922-1993

Happy Birthday Mom

when angels visit

it is usually when
i come home
walk through the door
of yesterday
or sometimes
late at night
when for no reason
i wake up
heart beating too fast
and catch the brief
smell of cigarettes

i listen
of wind
that rattles in the attic
or that one spot
that squeaks  when the cat
walks across the kitchen floor

to make sense of this
i doze back off
knowing you were
just checking in


6 Responses to “Catherine B. Young, 1922-1993”

  1. Doug Draime Says:

    a simply beautiful, powerful poem, scot. thumbs up

  2. howie good Says:

    a beautifully wrought poem, filled with a gently rocking rhythm and close observations with an evocative edge.

  3. nice tribute and happy birthday to your mom

  4. mom always says my room smells like smoke.. and since i don’t smoke guess we know who it is…

  5. i did know that–
    thanks all for reading

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