POEM FOR R.M. by A.D. Winans

She drove a hummer
And shopped at Walmart
Had a bad smoker’s cough
Restless leg syndrome
Chattering teeth
And a rash that doctors
Had no explanation for
She owned two homes
Had no debts
A good job and money
In the bank
But shopped for clothing
At the thrift store
She shed men like a baby
Sheds diapers
Liked to talk poetry
But only her own
Liked cunnilingus
But fellatio was not
On the menu
Her motto:  “When in Doubt
Don’t put it in your mouth.”
Which didn’t apply to Starbucks
Or dining at Yuppie restaurants
And she asked why
I thought we weren’t compatible

7 Responses to “POEM FOR R.M. by A.D. Winans”

  1. Nicely done!

  2. thanks. and to think she’s a real person too.

  3. This is a remarkable poem.

  4. Thanks. She was something else. Not a line that does not ring true.

  5. hey, don’t i have this too for HB?

  6. You might have. If this is a problem, just pull it. Sometimes one slips by. I am not very good with record keeping.

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