two guys speaking french at the truck stop by Justin Hyde

like i’m at some
paris cafe
out of the
diaries of anais nin
instead of the flying j
in des moines
i have
no clue
what they’re
talking about
but it’s got
mellifluous cadence
warm wax
through deep center
like the wave machine
my last girlfriend
kept in her bedroom.
i could easily
spend the rest of my life
slung low
in a sidewalk cafe
smoking opium laced cigarettes
listening to this language
as the sun
sank below
the arc de triomphe.
but the clock says
my child support payment
of 527.91
is due by
noon tomorrow
and my shift
locked in a pit
with the murderers
and other failed
hustlers of iowa
in exactly
26 minutes.

7 Responses to “two guys speaking french at the truck stop by Justin Hyde”

  1. I like this one. I love the juxtaposition of language here….great job!

  2. Melanie B Says:

    ooh, Justin.;) love it

  3. child support! to some extent, we all make our own hells, don’t we, Justin?

  4. Those frogs were probably talking about turtlenecks and voting for the GOP…but a fine poem all the same.

  5. you sound like a dangerous man.

  6. Sounds like everyone has an opinion,
    instead of just hearing ya.
    *I nod my head at your poem and take a sip of my domestic beer

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