the poet by Karl Koweski

the poet
mimics the occasional
decent line
while remaining incapable
of creating
a memorable poem
in lieu of
voicing his own thoughts
in his own words
the poet resurrects the dead
to speak for him
with oft-quoted passages
of Bukowski cliches
and Ginsberg observations
the poet
pontificates on the sad state
of the small press
while envisioning
a conglomeration of houses
aligned by their dedication
in propagating
his predictably bleak verse
until then
it’s facebook posts
and myspace blogs
likes and kudos from the poets
possessed of lesser talents,
the devoted rocks upon which
he dreams of building his church
his verse constituting
a bible of second hand despair
but the grave
embraces the meek
before god ever would
and the little poets gripping
their little saddle-stapled gospels
will realize soon enough
god doesn’t favor the faithful
when the poet fails
to return their adulation,
these unanswered prayers,
the acolytes will take
their bylines elsewhere
leaving the poet with
the blank page
he failed to convert
in the beginning

3 Responses to “the poet by Karl Koweski”

  1. Nice job!

  2. this Print takeoffs your inner-skin like a onion of einstein feelings, dharma
    impregnating seesaws with tettertotter flying underneath pollyhedran’s gymn, hehe droups what’s up on quantum cracker?

  3. put an “an” before onion flux your cellular spelling respsonsable willies
    hooped viva luck enigma mark twain untying dunce-cap wigwam foaming
    telephones hung-up on the cradle icarus amber photosynthesis
    unbridaled neap-tide superman foggiest pussyfoot cliff-notes
    overlooking billows, kafka window-lark healing fungus, alarming sleep
    reversing dirty-tatters’ yird-birth flatstomne-skipping ore, your toboggan-early here-a-bouts ‘mickyfin on knockout-drops, night-guards explaining the sap! all questions boomerang retoricals kline-bottle your wild pelican clothesline atlas’ shot-put abacus dung-beetle black-hole wine-horizon & ellipsis ritualistic tether no-place, homeless cream-cheeze last-estate queasy albino medicine-ball

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