one-story house by DB COX

rotting & rundown
sits like the corrupted
of a dying neighborhood

eye-like windows
front door
torn away—gaping
like an open mouth
with nothing to say

murky hallways
always half-lit
by the yellow glow
of glass pipes
where only those
can decode the lexicon
spray-painted along
fractured walls

low-slung autos
crawl the avenue
injecting sub-sonic
bass lines
into the twilight—
bad-ass backing track
for well-strapped gangs
banging both sides
of the block

settling old scores
over scars as cold
as a stainless steel
freezer door
at the city morgue

nightly play of d.o.a.
where no one
gets a curtain call

blue-light reflections
caught in the glass
of one-story windows
on the street
where the lost
keep house

6 Responses to “one-story house by DB COX”

  1. Best poem I’ve read by Cox…some great lines…nice ending…

  2. Carter Monroe Says:

    Fine piece of work here, my friend.

  3. Very nice.

  4. thanks to all for reading and commenting

  5. donie. great one bud.
    hope all is well.

  6. hey fred,

    rollin’ like a wheel

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