just me and a beat up harmonica by scot young

Click on the harp to listen to the poem

harmonica played by my beautiful wife, rosanna


just me and a beat up harmonica

no this aint hank williams
not even luke the drifter
singing those preachy songs

with the lonesome wail
of the steel guitar

but just me with four notes
on a beat up harmonica

that makes even
you are my sunshine

sound like the blues
and we learn fast
slide guitars never  play

no love songs

and nobody slow dances
like that anymore
i think the whole beat changed
when we quit using words
like sweetheart
and darlin’

so it’s  just me caught
in this world of sad songs
where even silent night holy night
sounds like a 12 bar riff

i don’t believe the blues
was born in mississippi
but here in this valley
under a too bright moon
collar turned up against the cold
two thousand jewels in the sky
it is almost a kodak moment
but no angels will hover above me
and no one will sing hallelujah

alone tonight
i will play
the only song i know
carried by the wind
by the whippoorwills
as i sing
come and sit by my side
if you love me

i will hold the last note
for as long
as i can


12 Responses to “just me and a beat up harmonica by scot young”

  1. i don’t believe the blues
    was born in mississippi
    but here in this valley
    under a too bright moon


  2. Michael Panasuk Says:

    You gotta love a beat up harmonica. It’s the lonesome sound of the American explorer traversing the universe for a few tasty answers.

  3. I always liked the harmonica and still do. Going to pull out one of my old Hank Williams, Sr. records today and give it a spin. Long Gone Lonesome Blues or Your Cheating Heart or maybe something s silly as Your Bucket’s Got A Hole In It. When you mutter Pure Country, that’s Hank Williams.

  4. Al
    my bucket’s got a hole in it–is a good choice–heck there ain’t no bad ones

  5. wonderful
    works great with the harmonica..

  6. I love the sound of the “mississippi saxophone.” I have been lucky enough during my years of working with blues bands to play with some fine harp players: Jerry Portnoy, James Montgomery, and the great James Cotton. A lot of the killer players are guys nobody’s ever heard of. I once played with a harp player in Boston named Mike Turk who could play Charlie Parker solos on the chromatic harmonica… crazy!

  7. Yeah. SF was not a C&W town when I grew up here, but there were a few bars that had Hank’s songs on them all the way into the eighties. I had some old vinyl records destroyed in the fire along with a great one by Edith Piaff. What a voice she had.

  8. I could tell you stories about harmonicas, etc. but will save that for another time, you old hound dog you…

  9. thanks all for the listen

  10. F.N. Wright Says:

    yr wife plays a mean harmonica. the poem ain’t too bad either.
    well done, scot.
    & mrs. young
    corky sigel one of my favorites on the harmonica…
    when in hermosa beach i used 2 go to the lighthouse whenever sonny terry & brownie mcghee played there. think i’ll listen to hank, sigel-scwall blues band & sonny & brownie tonight.

  11. you are my sunshine is the saddest song i can think of…ever.

    I do like this little combo you two got going tho.. i wanna uke so me and abby can duet… family band?

  12. you always did tear up on that song–just the way I sang it that did it. Maybe a cigar box guitar?

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