The Book of Jack

Art by F.N. Wright

Click on Jack–for best viewing go to fullscreen and use arrow that appears on the right to turn pages.

6 Responses to “The Book of Jack”

  1. Ray Foreman Says:

    Poetry like this goes down like two ounces of good brandy….and makes me feel at home as opposed to sitting in the grandstands watching two apes yelling and where the keeper forgot to turn on the lights.

  2. Great collection of poems. Fine reading for a Sunday afternoon.

  3. enjoyed the collection

    Scot in your first poem:
    An IUD is an “intra-uterine device” (used for birth control). An IED is an “improvised explosive device.” Never confuse the two or you might find yourself in big trouble. FYI

  4. db–
    meant IUD

  5. whups, my bad. saw the “roadside bombs” and jumped the gun. satire went right past me. never mind

  6. Father Luke Says:

    Thanks again, Scot.

    – –
    Father Luke

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