In London by Charles Plymell

In London in a very neat
and sensible flat,
lives the one true genius
of contemporary American prose.

More like a poet
he veers and speaks both
naturally and subliminally,
Or more like a medium
he chats pleasantly
from a space apart,
or from a chamber
of spirits disguised
in a everyday world.

A tall man, slightly stooped
from the weight of all
the combinations and formulas
of all possible plots,

Mr. Burroughs rises
and leans against the window ledge
…could have been a St. Louis
merchant or farmer
about to speculate on the weather.

“Those birds,” he says, gesturing out
the window to a flock that caught his fancy,
“in mornings they fly one way
and in the evenings they
fly back the other way.”

And with that he reached for his hat
and we went to the local pub for brandy.

–June 1968

(from Neon Poems, 1970)

4 Responses to “In London by Charles Plymell”

  1. now how would you like to walk over to the pub with these two guys and just listen in? i wonder what they think about this internet poetry world–or if they think anything about it at all.

  2. Good poem from one of our best poets living today.

  3. I bought my copy of Neon Poems this past year off the internet that included this poem–
    I am a fortunate one.

  4. You asked, so here goes. I still prefer print venue. I think web zines are fine, but would like to see more of them complimenting a print mag and not replacing the print mag.

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