Bad times when fall angels fill the sky
like carnival confetti for the devil’s delight.
Bad times when nothing jives and the same
lame lies pass like valentines among the
cubicle people in their sitcom lives.
Bad times when the wind cries toxic moans
as the planet dies.
“The cause of your misfortune is apparent.”
Says an official of the corporate establishment.
“Your errant mind is completely aberrant.”
Candlelit skulls light the windows of the tenements.
Corpses chant mantras throughout the labyrinths.  Each
day shoots for the moon, lands on vampire bat wings.
“Poverty is a privilege not a privation.”
Says the official from the corporation.
“’tis the lifeblood of a mighty nation.”
Bodies float down a river of blood –
orphans, runaways, suicides, fallen soldiers,
the lame, sick, halt and blind in a survival
of the fittest where only the empowered thrive.
In a cellar window a wizened widow eats dog
food from a can at a three legged table.
Bad times when peace is war,
homeless shelters are closed for the poor,
bailouts for the rich take place,
while jobs are lost or shipped out over seas,
up is down, wrong is right, and you’re
in between nowhere and no way out.
Sewers run to the sea, wait for me.

4 Responses to “THE TIMES, THEY ARE DERANGING by Rex Sexton”

  1. Rex is an award winning artist exhibiting in Chicago and Philadelphia. His poems have been published in reviews such as Mobius, Nerve Cowboy, Clark Street Review, Waterways, Edge, and Ardent, and his recent poetry collection is “The Time Hotel”

  2. Ray Foreman Says:

    we hear it and we hear it and like most truth these days, it disaptes in the wind. but keep on writing it, it helps drown out the lies which …..well, you can answer that

  3. cubicle people in sitcom lives…very nice image.

    feeling a bit cynical today, eh?

  4. This piece is pretty solid. It has something meaningful to say, and it has rhymes…. Love the title, by the way.

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