Lucky Day by Anthony Liccione

on the way to work
caught up in a late
state-of-emergency traffic,
I saw a man running
through the grey morning
a briefcase under one arm,
while using a newspaper
umbrella to cover his head,
from the kneecaps down
below he was drenched
with water,
hopping over puddles
and crushing flowers
with the speed of his heel
in a single-bound,

when suddenly, in fate
thunder sounding as THOU-
he met the finger of God,
blazing white flash cutting
through the sky,
pointing him out and
striking like the last bowling
pin standing, poor guy
I thought, lucky bastard he was,
and I having a chance
to even see this magnificent
once-in-a-life-time event
take place, right before me,

just like that,
it flashed through my mind,
the twenty-six million jackpot
lottery ticket in my visor,
awaiting to be drawn and claimed,
maybe it is my lucky day

or maybe,
looking on from the smoke-hole
of his body,
perhaps it could have
just as well been the Devil
having that old familiar twitch
in his middle finger.

4 Responses to “Lucky Day by Anthony Liccione”

  1. Anthony lives in Texas with his two children. His poems have appeared in several print and online journals, and he has four collections of poetry books.

  2. whoa. this write caught me and tore me into a streak of thunderous lightning. well, at least in my mind. thanks for this magnificently architectured piece. best, winnie

  3. in the open shuteye of the mind of luckyday
    escaping what happens well-read theoreticals
    alembic in-between braile pushbutton goosebumps
    feelings wave upon a super-string kiting puppets hand-held nirvana
    street-value jumping-caps, guitars of unknown disease
    audience cheating outsiders, instant silly window light as down
    hari-carrie knishna rhubard drawl left my happy errands burping thunder
    finnygun’s missing-link, navy strawberry dizzneyland break
    here’ tiger-russian big-tent, gypsy egypt italized rome
    quiet chipping thailand putt-putts racing moans smiling with grim amegos
    corner frozen nap-flash twins apollo, bineries of love-wings
    valley blossoms bella identity one ding-dong communist fiddle-fattle tight-rope, skydives, are you viewless from nowhere, location, location, location x-crossing knives of rainy-cars
    with bezerk ubekastan eyes cul de sacked

  4. Why would you try to steal someone’s spotlight by posting your poetry under someone else’s? How would you like that? Show some respect. Btw nice poem Anthony. Middle finger indeed.

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